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Does badger culling drive individuals further afield?
10th October 2019
Survivors of culls may increase risk of TB spread
Winter avian flu threat
10th October 2019
Poultry farmers and pet bird keepers urged to prepare
Glasgow scientist recognised for work to improve farm animal welfare
9th October 2019
Dorothy McKeegan receives Humane Slaughter Award
Life-threatening bacterial disease in humans explained
7th October 2019
Study suggests E. coli toxin in cattle is responsible
Government expands expert animal welfare committee
4th October 2019
Remit to include pets and wild animals kept by people
Blowfly strike risk medium
2nd October 2019
Real-time updates on blowfly risk
EMA authorisation for new pig vaccine
2nd October 2019
First porcine parvovirus subunit vaccine obtained using a baculovirus expression system
Agreement to develop E. coli O157:H7 vaccine
26th September 2019
Collaborative research enters commercial phase
Farm antibiotics task force refreshed
24th September 2019
RUMA prepares for new targets
Food exporters urged to prepare for Brexit no-deal
24th September 2019
Full guidance available on the government website
Minister confirms presence of ASF in South Korea
19th September 2019
South Korea is home to more than 11 million pigs
Minister admits ASF outbreak in UK likely within a year
17th September 2019
National Pig Association exposes government complacency
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