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Chatter box The Dog Rescue Federation is asking local authorities to adopt a consistent approach towards dealing with stray dogs and is urging them to be more proactive in tackling irresponsible dog breeding and ownership.

The Federation made the recommendation in a report it has published after conducting a national survey of local authority dog wardens, which 96 per cent of councils in the UK took part in.

The report has been presented to Rob Flello MP, who is a soon to be appointed as chair of an all party group in parliament dealing with dog issues.

The survey findings have also been sent to all local authorities in the UK, DEFRA, MP's, the Local Government Association, the National Dog Wardens' Association, the Dogs Trust and other interested animal welfare organisations and professional bodies.

The report can be viewed at  Chatter box

Duchess of Cornwall's brother dies
Duchess of Cornwall's brother dies
Conservationist Mark Shand has died after sustaining a serious head injury. Brother to the Duchess of Cornwall, Mr Shand was injured in a fall in New York.
Open window warning for curious cats

With temperatures soaring, the Blue Cross are warning pet owners of the dangers of open windows, after 22 cats were injured by falls in just one month.

Despite the belief that cats always land on their feet, the force at which cats land can cause massive internal and facial injuries. The Blue Cross say that sadly, cats do not always survive.

Mark Bossley, head vet at Blue Cross animal hospital in Victoria, says: "Each year we see a number of cats who have sustained injuries due to falling out of open windows."

"It is important for owners to remember that although cats have tremendous agility, accidents can happen and these types are more common than people think."

"In some cases there is nothing we can do and the cat passes away."

The Blue Cross urges owners living above ground level to keep their cats away from open windows and balconies, or to cover open windows with a mesh screen to stop curious cats from falling out.

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